Tekla License Service update November 2020 (v3.2.0.0)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer
British Standard
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Please note: 

This service pack includes a new version of Sentinel RMS, if you are using Sentinel RMS server licensing then you must update your license server using this service pack before updating your client PC's.

Sentinel RMS Licensing

Updated Sentinel RMS to version 9.7 which includes official support for Windows Server 2019.

Tekla Online Licensing

Enhanced the configuration options for Tekla Online licensing to include an option to always prompt the user for which license to use "Auto Select: No (always ask me to choose)". This option provides two potential benefits, firstly in the case where multiple licenses are available for a product (e.g. TSD and TSD LT) you will always know which license your are using when the software starts. Secondly if you are using the "Auto" license method option in order to pool your legacy perpetual Sentinel RMS server licenses and your Tekla Online licenses using this option gives you an opportunity when starting an application to cancel using the online license which will then force the system to use the Sentinel RMS sever license.


Enhanced the configuration options for Tekla Online licensing to include an option to hide the "Don't ask me again" option which is normally shown on the Select Product License dialog. This allows an administrator to configure a device so that the "Don't ask me again" option is hidden by default. Hiding this option would most likely be used when the option to always choose which license to use is enabled so that the user does not unintentionally enable the don't ask me again option not realising it may prevent them from selecting the license they actually want to use the next time they run the application.



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