How do I use Tekla Structures License Server and multi-user server with VPN connection

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Both licensing and multi-user are possible through a VPN connection with one major requirement: high reliability of the VPN connection.
You can experience performance issues when there is a slow network communication. If your VPN connection is stable and fast enough, you can use it for both licensing and multi-user with some additional requirements:

  1. Tekla Structures License Server
Two TCP ports should be defined in tekla.lic and opened in a firewall software on the server. Here you can find step-by-step instruction:
  1. Tekla Structures multi-user server
By default, the multi-user server uses TCP port 1238. The port should be opened in a firewall software on the server.

Therefore, if your client computers have access to the server's ports mentioned above, licensing and multi-user services should work fine.
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