First steps with Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures
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Tekla Structures
first steps
First steps

This interactive learning path is intended for new Tekla Structures users. You will learn the concepts of the software, how to work with grids and how to build your model. You will also be familiar with the information in your model.

1. Start learning Tekla Structures

  • First steps - Start learning Tekla Structures

    Learn how to launch Tekla Structures and how to open and navigate a model.

2. Working with grids

  • First steps - Working with grids

    Learn about grids and modifying grid properties, importing reference files, and creating views along grid lines.

3. Creating foundations

  • First steps - Creating foundations

     Learn how to create the foundations for a model. You will create pad footings and strip footings.

4. Creating concrete columns

  • First steps - Creating concrete columns

    Learn how to create and modify concrete columns.

5. Creating concrete beams

  • First steps - Creating concrete beams

    Learn how to create concrete beams.

6. Creating concrete slabs

  • First steps - Creating concrete slabs

    Learn how to create concrete slabs and how to modify the class property of an object.

7. Creating steel parts

  • First steps - Creating steel parts

    Learn how to model steel parts, such as columns and beams.

8. Creating steel connections

  • First steps - Creating steel connections

    Learn how to model steel connections and steel details.

9. Managing model information

  • First steps - Managing model information

     Learn the basics of using Organizer and view filters.

10. Creating drawings

  • First steps - Creating drawings

    Learn how to work with drawings in Tekla Structures.

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