New tools: Undo history, Work plane handler toolbar, and Select previous objects

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures
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undo history
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select previous objects
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In this video we introduce 3 new commands to help you be more efficient. These features are available starting from Tekla Structures 2018.

1. Undo history - All the commands that you have run and the modifications you have done are now listed in the new Undo history dialog box. By selecting a command or an action in the Undo history dialog box, you can undo or redo several commands at one go, and thus go back and forth in the model history.

2. Work plane handler -  Use the work plane handler toolbar to select which work plane you currently have in use in the model. You can switch between the different saved work planes and base points.

3. Select previous objects -  Sometimes you need to re-select the same objects that you selected previously but have then deselected. For example, you have selected some objects and moved them, then you have deselected the objects, and now you want to copy the same objects.  This command makes that easy to do.
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