Time and date formatting options

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Time and date formatting options

In Tedds for Word, you can display the time and date in virtually any format that you require. The valid time and date formatting options are shown in the table below. For simplicity, the results are shown for 09:05:07 on Thursday 5 June 2013.

Date formatting options
Period of time Code Result Comment
Day d or D 5 Not applicable
dd or DD 05 Not applicable
ddd or DDD Thu

To display the day and the date, you can use 2 format strings.

For example, "Thu 5" would be spelled "ddd d", and "Thursday 5" would be spelled "dddd d".

dddd or DDDD Thursday
Month M 6

Use capital M to differentiate months from minutes (m).

MM 06
Year yy or YY 13

y, Y, yyy and YYY are not valid formats.

yyyy or YYYY 2013
Time formatting options
Period of time Code Result Comment
Hour h 9 Based on 12-hour clock
H 9 Based on 24-hour clock
hh 09 Based on 12-hour clock
HH 09 Based on 24-hour clock
Minute m 5

Use a lower case m to differentiate minutes from months (M).

mm 05
Second s or S 7 Not applicable
ss or SS 07
'text' Specify text in single quotation marks to include it in the appropriate format.

For example, Time("hh' Greenwich mean time' ") displays "09 Greenwich mean time".

character Includes the specified character in the date or time.

For example, Time("HH:mm MMM-d, yyyy") displays "11:15 Nov-6, 2013".

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