Syntax conventions

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Syntax conventions

The Tedds user guide uses a consistent set of conventions when describing the syntax of available fields and functions. For more information on syntax conventions, see the following paragraphs.

In the following table, see the nomenclature that is used when presenting a particular field or function syntax:

Symbols Meaning
$ $
The parameter is one of the following:
  • A string: $prompt$ “Input the length”

  • A string variable: $prompt$Getlength

  • A string function:$prompt$“Length (max=” + string(L_{max},”F0”,”mm^(2)”)+”mm)”

# #
The parameter is one of the following:
  • A number: #prompt# 235

  • A number variable: #prompt# L_{max}

  • An expression: #prompt# 0.75*L_{max}

¡ ¡
The parameter is one of the following:
  • A logical value: ¡prompt¡ 0

  • A logical variable: ¡prompt¡ Output

  • A logical expression: ¡prompt¡ if (a>b,1,0)


More variables of the same type can be added to the function:

median(#number#, ..., ...)

[ ]

The parameter is optional:

Input($prompt$,$variable$,$units$,#default#,[¡control flag¡])

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