Slab deflection analysis sequence

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Slab deflection analysis sequence

The same basic process is followed irrespective of whether the current level (sub-model), a selected level, or all slabs in the model are analyzed.

In simple terms, events are considered in sequence.

For each event:

  • An iterative cracked section analysis including long term effects determines the deflection at the end of the event.
  • An additional analysis using the determined state of cracking along with short term cracked properties is undertaken to calculate the total instantaneous deflection associated with the event.
  • The state of cracking is carried forward to the next event as the starting point.

Having run a Slab Deflection Analysis the following analysis results are then available to review for either the chosen level (sub-model) or the entire structure dependent upon your chosen analysis

  • Deflections - Three deflection types are available: Total, Differential, and Instantaneous.
  • Extent of Cracking - You can also review contours to display the extent of cracking at any load event.
  • Relative Stiffness - You can also review the relative stiffness in a particular result direction for any specified event.
  • Effective Reinforcement - You can also review the area of effective reinforcement for a chosen result direction for each FE element.
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