1st order linear - Simply supported square slab

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1st order linear - Simply supported square slab

Problem definition

Calculate the mid span deflection of an 8x8 simply supported slab of 0.1 thickness under self-weight only. Take material properties E=2x1011, G=7.7x1010 and ρ=7849.


A regular triangular finite element mesh is used with sufficient subdivision. Flexural and shear deformation is included, and the material is assumed to be isotropic.

Key results

The mid-span deformation is calculated using Navier's Method.

Result Theoretical value Comparison 1 Solver value % error
Mid-span deflection 7.002x10-3 6.990x10-3 7.031x10-3 0.43%
Mid-span Moment 23616 23708 23649 0.14%


An acceptable match is observed between the theoretical values and the solver results. An acceptable match is also observed between the solver results and those obtained independently.

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