Lista de correcciones de Tekla PowerFab y Tekla PowerFab Go 2023

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Lista de correcciones de Tekla PowerFab y Tekla PowerFab Go 2023

Aquí pueden encontrarse las mejoras y correcciones implementadas en Tekla PowerFab y Tekla PowerFab Go 2023


Número de defecto Área de desarrollo Descripción
EPM-6617 Estimating

The amount of time required to nest plates has been greatly reduced in some cases where there are many parts to nest.

EPM-7170 Estimating

Previously, in some cases it was not possible to delete Estimating and Production Control-specific-specific production codes. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-5580 Project management

Time tracking reports have been added, accessible as menu options from the Time Tracking Summary and Time Tracking Detail dialog boxes.

EPM-6658 Production control

Drawings and assemblies on hold are now also highlighted in red for the Main Mark and Drawing # Filter dialog boxes.

EPM-6923 Production control

The following Production Control reports have been converted to Stimulsoft:

  • Master Shipping List
  • Master Shipping List w/ Pieces
  • Master Shipping List (Ready Only)
  • Master Shipping List by Job #
EPM-6974 Production control

Previously, Set Sequences operations with a sequence/lot filter resulted in negative unsequenced quantities. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7069 Production control

Previously, the Shop PC/PO Cutting List reports indicated that the material was not received when it was in stock with a blank delivery date. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7123 Production control

Previously, in Production Control, the Cut List (Break By Width) w/ LFt, SqFt, Sur. Area and Cut List (Wide Carriage) w/ LFt, SqFt, Sur. Area reports had incorrect totals for the plate SqFt/SqM. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7165 Production control

Previously, the DSTV+ export used the imperial size designations regardless of the metric/imperial settings. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7204 Production control

The ability to map Revision fields from an SDS/2 import has been added.

EPM-7220 Production control

Previously, the quantities on the Area By Material - No Page Break report were incorrect when an assembly was in multiple sequences. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7254 Production control

Previously, when a PO line item was received with a substitute grade and that stock was on a cut list, that cut list item became invalidated instead of being properly updated to the new grade. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7359 Production control

Previously, in Production Control, the global Station Summary by Employee report could show the wrong quantities when a Date Station Completed filter was set. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-2756 Administration

You can now select the country in Address Book and Company Information.

EPM-6642 Administration

The FabSuite API has been renamed to Tekla PowerFab API and now supports .NET 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.2, 4.6.2, 4.7.2, 4.8 and 6.0.

EPM-7125 Purchasing

Previously, the Purchase Order w/ Cost Code (By Item #) report displayed an incorrect value for the quantity. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7162 Purchasing

Splice and split packages now take the clamp allowance into account when determining the parts that can be added.

EPM-7288 Purchasing

Previously, in Purchase Orders, when unreceiving an inventory item that was on a cut list and had different combining details than the on-order inventory item, the cut list item could become invalidated. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-3831 Inventory

Previously, in Remarks in the Inventory Filters, you needed to enter text in the minimum and maximum fields. This is now an included/not included selection.

EPM-7190 Inventory

Previously, when combining plates into an existing split package, the parts were always added to the first side, possibly over-allocating that side. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7016 Combining

Combining run exports to XML and to extensions now include the Combining Run Name (Run Description) as WorkOrderDescription.

EPM-6901 Integrations

An option has been added to the Peddinghaus integration settings to include the cut list barcode in the iDSTV+ file names.

EPM-7081 Integrations

Previously, when importing from SDS/2 into Production Control , "boltless" bolts were imported incorrectly. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7157 Integrations

The SigmaNest integration now works properly for plate shapes with more than two dimensions.

EPM-7235 Integrations

Reports have been added for Advance Shipment Notices (ASN).

EPM-7210 Tekla EPM Go

Previously, in Tekla PowerFab Go, the inspections page did not show the completed inspections for unsequenced parts. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7269 Automated events

Previously, filters set on combining or estimating automated event reports determined which jobs to run the reports on, but they did not filter the data within those jobs. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7087 Common

Tekla EPM has been rebranded to Tekla PowerFab.

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