2021i SP7 Nuevas funciones y mejoras

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2021i SP7 Nuevas functiones y mejoras

El paquete de servicio más reciente para Tekla EPM 2021i se puede descargar de Tekla Downloads.


Número de defecto Área de desarrollo Descripción
EPM-6587 Estimating

Previously, the PRC Cost field did not display correctly for negative quantities. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7170 Estimating

Previously, in some cases it was not possible to delete Estimating and Production Control-specific-specific production codes. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-6860 Production control

When running an inspection, the user currently signed into PowerFab appears in the list of inspectors only if their contact entry in the address book is flagged as an inspector.

EPM-6974 Production control

Previously, Set Sequences operations with a sequence/lot filter resulted in negative unsequenced quantities. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7165 Production control

Previously, the DSTV+ export used the imperial size designations regardless of the metric/imperial settings. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7254 Production control

Previously, when a PO line item was received with a substitute grade and that stock was on a cut list, that cut list item became invalidated instead of being properly updated to the new grade. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7376 Production control

Previously, when setting the global Production Control filters, the Load # and Load Status filters did not show the correct options if the Job Status filter was set. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7288 Purchasing

Previously, in Purchase Orders, when unreceiving an inventory item that was on a cut list and had different combining details than the on-order inventory item, the cut list item could become invalidated. This issue has now been fixed.

EPM-7269 Automated events

Previously, filters set on combining or estimating automated event reports determined which jobs to run the reports on, but they did not filter the data within those jobs. This issue has now been fixed.

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