Interoperability improvements

Tekla Tedds
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Interoperability improvements

Tekla Tedds Integrator

The Tekla Tedds Integrator allows Tedds documents to be linked to Tekla Structures models. From version 2024 the feature is included in Tekla Structures by default. For earlier Tekla Structures versions from 2020 to 2023 it can be downloaded from the Tekla Warehouse.

Integration with Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer integrates with Tekla Tedds to allow you to design specific structural elements in your Tekla Structural Designer models. Seamless integration transfers the design forces to the appropriate Tedds calculation where you can check and refine your design, the final properties for the elements will then be updated in the Tekla Structural Designer model.

New in 2024: For US design, in addition to the existing wood member design feature, masonry wall panels can now be designed using Tekla Tedds.

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