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General enhancements

A number of general enhancements have been made for Tedds 2024. (Note that some features documented below were included in previous updates to Tedds 2023.)

Tedds Application

Various productivity improvements including:

  • New Renumber Document Page Numbers command on the project context menu which calculates the start page for each document based on the document's position in the project so that when documents in the project are printed individually and collated later the page numbers for each document are contiguous.

  • When sending a project to Tedds for Word using the SendTo command, if the Insert page breaks between documents option is enabled the header information is now transferred to Word independently for each document. Section breaks are automatically inserted between documents and the fields in the header are unlinked so that they are not modified when using the Edit header properties command which will only modify the header of the first section in the document. The entire project can then be printed or saved to PDF in Word with all of the header information from the separate documents included.

  • Enhanced the Project SendTo wizard to include the option to insert page breaks between each document.

  • When using the File SaveAs command for a document that belongs to a project, the new document is automatically added to the project.

  • Improved File Open operations to ensure that the most recently used directory location is updated for all operations which open a document.

  • When Renaming a Project document the entry in the most recently used file list is now updated with the new file location.

Tekla Tedds for Word

Various performance improvements which in particular can improve productivity when working with large documents:

  • Documents open more quickly.

  • When calculating the calculation process will start more quickly, in some cases as much as twice as fast as previously.

  • When using the GoTo Calc Section command the dialog which lists all of the Calc Sections in the document will open more quickly.

Other improvements include:

  • When using the Next, Previous or GoTo Calc Section commands ensure the start of the Calc Section appears at the top of the active document window.

Writing Custom Calculations

  • Added a new function SystemOpenUrl which opens the specified Universal Resource Locator (URL), otherwise known as a website address, in the default web browser.

  • Enhanced calculation user interfaces so that droplist controls can display Greek, SuperScript and Subscript formatted text in the controls list.

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    Previously Now

Tekla Tedds API

Enhanced the Tedds application API:

  • Enhanced the Tedds Calculator API to include a GetVariables3 method which allows variables to be retrieved with each variable’s modified attribute included.

  • Enhanced the Tedds Calculator API to improve the clarity of error messages for several methods.

Tedds CalcCommand utility

A new Tedds CalcCommand utility application has been added which allows the Tedds Calculator to be used in automation scenarios without having to use the Tekla Tedds API. Command line parameters can be used to configure the utility so that calculations can be executed using pre-defined input files and the results are written to output files.

Software updates

When installing Tekla Tedds, the Tekla Structural Update Service is an optional component which if installed will be used to notify you when new software updates are available. When software updates are available, you will see a message in the status bar of the Tedds Application or the Library Access System. The check for available updates and the notification message will only occur the first time each day when you run these applications.

  • If you respond to a notification or you use the Check for Updates command, you will be taken online to the Tekla download service that will show the list of updates available based on the version of the software you currently have installed.

  • You can choose which software updates to download and install.

  • To ensure high security and stability for your Tekla software, we recommend installing all available software updates.

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