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Sketch Viewer toolbar

The Sketch Viewer toolbar contains buttons that represent the various features of the Sketch Viewer. For more information on the buttons in the Sketch Viewer toolbar, see the following table.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Sketch Viewer toolbar
Button Action Further information


copies the current sketch to the clipboard.

Copy a sketch to your calculations


pastes the content of the clipboard into the current sketch window.

Transfer a sketch to the Sketch Viewer

Paste new

pastes the content of the clipboard into a new sketch window.

Zoom to fit

fits the current sketch so that it fills the sketch window.

Adjust the view of a sketch

Zoom in

allows you to zoom in on a desired point in the current sketch.

Zoom out

allows you to zoom out of a desired point in the current sketch.

Zoom previous

returns to the previous zoom state.


allows you to move the sketch around in the sketch window.


allows you to adjust the colors of the Sketch Viewer window.


By right-clicking in the Sketch Viewer window, you have access to context-sensitive menus and their submenus. Context-sensitive menus give you instant access to commands that are relevant to the position of the mouse pointer.

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