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Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer integrates with Tekla Tedds to allow you to design specific structural elements in your Tekla Structural Designer models. Seamless integration transfers the design forces to the appropriate Tedds calculation where you can check and refine your design, the final properties for the elements will then be updated in the Tekla Structural Designer model.

Furthermore, if you link your Tekla Structural Designer model with Trimble Connect you can enable collaborators to easily access the Tedds designs - by following the below workflow, calculations can be automatically attached to the appropriate objects in the Trimble Connect 3D model.

Tekla Structural Designer > Tekla Tedds > Trimble Connect workflow

When Tekla Tedds documentation that has been exported from Tekla Structural Designer is uploaded to a Trimble Connect project, it can be automatically attached to the appropriate objects in a 3D model so that collaborators can easily access the information.

  1. Using Tekla Structural Designer:
    1. Link the model to the appropriate Trimble Connect project.

    2. Upload an IFC model to Trimble Connect.

    3. Export the Tekla Tedds documentation to the Tedds Application.

      The new Tedds project which is created will be automatically linked to the same Trimble Connect Project and the same IFC model. Each document created in the Tedds project will include a reference to the object(s) in the IFC model which that document relates to.

  2. Using Tekla Tedds:
    1. Upload the Tedds project to Trimble Connect.

      Each uploaded PDF document will be automatically attached to the object(s) in the IFC model.

  3. Using Trimble Connect:

    1. Open a 3D view of the IFC model.

    2. Select the Attachments window.

    3. View the Tekla Tedds documentation using the attachment list or the model view.

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