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Sketch Viewer

The Sketch Viewer tool in Tedds for Word allows you to easily modify your sketches. The modified sketches can be pasted back into your calculation documents. When you paste the sketches in your calculations, the size and shape of the sketches are automatically maintained.


The Sketch Viewer is only available in Tedds for Word.

Some calculations automatically produce sketches for you. The sketches of these calculations will be appear in the Sketch Viewer. According to your needs, you can either decide to insert the sketches in your calculations or leave them out.

In addition to opening the sketches of existing calculations, the Sketch Viewer allows you to create your own sketches and modify them.

You can start the Sketch Viewer in two different ways, depending on whether you want to open it without a sketch, or modify an existing sketch. See the following instructions:

Open the Sketch Viewer empty

If you do not have a sketch which you want to modify, follow the instructions below.

In the Tools ribbon group, click More > Sketch Viewer.

The Sketch Viewer window opens.

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