Tekla Tedds 2022 Service Pack 2

Tekla Tedds
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Tekla Tedds 2022 Service Pack 2

This service pack is required when using the Tedds Engineering Library June 2022 or later and is available from Tekla Downloads.

Tedds Application

Reference Description
TEDDS-6799 Fixed the Tekla Online Side Pane not redrawing correctly when first shown and therefore the window appeared blank.

Tedds for Word

Reference Description
TEDDS-6757 Fixed the paste Calc Section command when the insertion point was immediately before another Calc Section the content of the new Calc Section was pasted in the wrong location.
TEDDS-6650 Fixed the Tedds for Word command on the Tedds ribbon for "Engineering Data" not opening the calc set because the file had moved in Tedds 2022 to the root of the system sets directory.
TEDDS-6698 Improved error handling in the DataListDesigner when a page item is missing closing brackets in its definition.
TEDDS-6797 Amended the text for command button tooltips to use the correct notation for shortcut keys, '+' denotes keys which must be pressed at the same time and ',' denotes keys which must be pressed consecutively.
TEDDS-6559 When attempting to edit some user interfaces the Interface Designer hangs reading the interface.

Writing custom calculations

Reference Description

Enhanced calculation user interfaces so that the footer property of a ListView control is shown more effectively. The footer background colour is the same as the list so that it's more obvious that the footer is part of the list. A horizontal separator is shown to clearly separate the footer from the list content. If no tabs are used in the footer, the text is aligned to the right, if tabs are used in the footer the text is aligned in the same columns as the list. Image placeholders which can be used in the list can also be used in the footer, one per column.

TEDDS-6286 Added a new drawing function DrawLabelStringOffset which allows the text part of a label to be offset from the labels line. When an offset is applied the line is extended from the start co-ordinate to the offset position.

Enhanced DListSetItem so that the currently selected page and datalist file can be selected in a single operation.

[TEDDS-6719 Enhanced calculation user interfaces to keep the information icon associated with an input control enabled so that the information tip can be displayed even when the input control itself is disabled (but visible).
TEDDS-6718 When validating the length of a variable name in order to show a debug warning, if the length exceeds the maximum variable name length of 32 characters, ensure that the store value as expression prefix '$' is ignored.
TEDDS-6709 New options added to "Tedds Options\Calculating\Debugging" for "Cache data lists" and "Use legacy steel section datalist files (.dls)”.

Other updates

Reference Description
TEDDS-6798 When it is not possible to access either online or offline help content inform the user where offline help can be downloaded from.
TEDDS-6744 Fixed calculation interfaces not showing information tips in the correct location when using multiple displays and the user interface was not on the primary display.
TEDDS-6663 Updated the LibraryAccessSystem, CalcDesigner, SectionPropertiesTool, DataTable, DataGraph and TeddsSystemOptions applications to improve their loading times by not loading plugin features that are not used by those applications.
TEDDS-6778 Updated embedded CEF web browser to v101.0.180 to resolve security vulnerability CVE-2022-0609.
TEDDS-5924 If you attempt to open the contact Support Tool when an internet connection is not available the Support Tool will keep relaunching itself each time you cancel it.
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