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Modify sets

You can modify your sets using two main approaches: drag and drop and the clipboard. Drag and drop allows you to simply select a group or an item within the current set, drag it into a second set, and copy the item there by releasing it. You can also change the location of the item inside a set by dragging and dropping it. For more information on modifying sets, see the following instructions.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.


To simplify dragging and dropping groups or items from one set to another, you can arrange the sets side by side. To do that, click Window > Tile horizontally.

Enable drag and drop

If you want to use drag and drop while modifying sets, ensure that you have enabled dragging and dropping in Library Access System settings. For more information, see Library Access System settings.

Copy an item within the same set using drag and drop

  • Hold down the Ctrl key while doing the drag and drop.

Cut an item

  • Click Edit > Cut.

Copy an item

  • Click Edit > Copy.

Paste an item

  • Click Edit > Paste.
If you drag and drop or paste a group or an item into an empty group, Library Access System asks you whether you want the item to be pasted within or below the selected group.
  • To copy the group or item inside the group, click Yes.
  • To copy the group or item below the group, click No.
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