Build new sets based on existing sets

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Build new sets based on existing sets

Sometimes, you may want to create a calculation set that contains many items from another set. In this case, we recommend that you build a new set based on the existing set, instead of creating a new set and adding the desired items manually. For detailed instructions, see the following paragraphs.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Build new sets based on existing sets

  1. Click Tools > Set Builder...

    The Build New Calculation Set dialog box opens.

  2. Type the search text and select an appropriate search type in the Search type list and, if necessary, click Select...
  3. According to your needs, click Search and Add or Search and Replace.

    The search results appear.

  4. To remove an item from the set, select the result and click Remove.
  5. Repeat steps 2–4 as needed.
  6. When the result list only displays the items that you want to include in the set, click Build.

    Tedds creates a new untitled set that contains the items on the results list.

Search tips

See some tips for searching items in the following list:
  • To search with the exact search text, select Match whole word only.
  • To search with the exact search text and the case of the letters that you type, select Match case.
  • To clear the result list, click Remove All.
  • To search the set again and add the results to the result list, click Search and Add.
  • To search the source set again and replace the items in the result list, click Search and Replace.
  • To narrow the search results, you can build intermediate sets that match the current search criteria. Then, you can search the intermediate sets with new search criteria as many times as necessary, until the set only contains the items that you need. Once you are finished, remember to delete the intermediate sets.
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