Use constants with units

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Use constants with units

If you need to use constants with units in an expression, do the following:


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Type the constant value and its unit in the document.
Note: In some cases, in order to remove ambiguity, we recommend placing the constant and its unit within brackets.


The beam x has a fixed length 14.5 m, and is subdivided into a variable number of equal spacings, s.

Do not write the calculation as follows:

s = 10

x = 14.5 m/s = ? *

* In the above expression, Tedds for Word considers m/s as the unit meters per second, and not the intended calculation (14.5 m divided by 10 spacings).

To ensure that Tedds for Word performs the calculations as you intend, place the constant and its unit within brackets as follows:

s = 10

x = (14.5 m) / s = 1.45 m = ?

When the revised expression is calculated, it gives the correct answer:

x = (14.5 m) / s = 1,45 m

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