Define units for results

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Define units for results

If necessary, you can define the units that you want to use in the final results of your calculations. See the following instructions.

After each question mark and format string, type the desired unit for the results.

For example:

= ?F1 N/mm2


To create clear calculation documents and minimize any calculation problems, we recommend that you place a space between a value and its unit.


If the Perform dimensional checks option is switched on, the dimensions of the units must be equivalent to the dimensions calculated by dimensional analysis. For more information, see Dimensional analysis.


With the format and precision settings shown, the following equations

a = 150 mm; b = 60 cm; c = 2.5m

a * b = ? F0 cm 2

a * b * c = ? F3 m 3

calculate to give

a = 150 mm; b = 60 cm; c = 2.5m

a * b = 900 cm 2

a * b * c = 0.225m 3

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