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Sketch options

Sketch options allow you to adjust the settings that are connected to viewing and adding sketches in your calculations.


The options under Sketches allow you to change the alignment of sketches, and determine whether transparent fills are allowed in sketches.


The Alignment option allows you to select how sketches in Enhanced Metafile format should be aligned in your calculation documents.

Transparent fills

Some printer drivers and PDF export tools may have difficulties handling transparent items, which may lead to poor quality sketches being output. The Transparent fills option allows you to determine whether Tedds should use transparent fills in sketches.

The options are:

  • Allow

    which is the default option, allowing transparent fills.

  • Substitute solid transparent fills with hatch patterns

    which replaces transparent fills with a hatch pattern. This option may resolve the problems of using transparent fills.

  • Draw shape outline only

    which ignores transparent fills, so only the outline of the shape is drawn.

Maximum output size

The Maximum output size option allows you to determine when and how much Tedds should scale a sketch or a calc library item, so that it fits in your calculation document. The Maximum output size indicates how many percent of the page the sketch or library item can occupy.

You can adjust the maximum output size by typing the appropriate percentages in the of page width and of page height boxes or by using the arrows on the right side of each box.

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