Regional settings

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Regional settings

Regional settings allow you to control the locale whose calculation settings, units, and number and expression formats you want to use.


The Locale list allows you to select the locale whose calculations and data you want to use.

Default calculation settings

The Default calculation settings allows you to select a country, so that Tedds can set the most appropriate defaults for particular calculations.

For example, if you select Ireland, Eurocode calculations will default to the Irish National Annex where appropriate.

Base units

Depending on the locale that you have selected, the Base units option may allow you to select whether you want to use SI units or US units. The selected units are used in storing your variable values, and as default units for variable values.


You can use both SI units and US units in your calculations, regardless of which units you have selected as base units.

Number and expression format

The Number and expression format option controls the characters that Tedds uses for the decimal symbol, the list separator, and the expression terminator.


If you change the Number and expression format option manually in the list, any existing calculations will most probably stop working. Instead, we recommend that you select the correct area in the Locale list.

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