Debugging options

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Debugging options

These tools may be used by our support teams when resolving specific calculation issues.


Debug mode

Debug mode changes how some functions and calculations behave in order to assist the diagnosis of errors (bugs) when writing custom calculations. Some calculations may alter their behaviour when debug mode is enabled, therefore debug mode should always be disabled when producing final output calculations.

Log all expressions

When calculating is in progress, tracing will log messages that help you to monitor the execution sequence of your calculations, to detect malfunctions. The messages that tracing produces appear in the Progress Log window therefore the Progress Log must be enabled to read the messages.

Delete temporary variables when finished calculating

Normally when the calculation process has finished all variables which have the temporary attribute enabled will be automatically deleted, enableing this options prevents them from being deleted.

Cache Calc Libraries

Normally during the calculation process when a Calc Library is opened it will remain open until the calculation process has finished in order to improve the speed of calculating. When a library is open in the cache it cannot be modified therefore if you want to to modify calculations whilst they are running you can disable this setting.

Calculation User Interfaces

Enable progress log when calculating preview items

In calculation user interfaces which include a preview window for showing results the progress log is normally disabled whilst the preview window is updated, if you need to debug the calculations used to update the preview results then you can disable this setting.

Show calculation options

When enabled a button is added to the toolbar in calculation user interfaces which allows you to access the calculation options dialog.

Show QuickCalc

When enabled a button is added to the toolbar in calculation user interfaces which allows you to show the QuickCalc window. The QuickCalc window can be used to execute expressions whilst the calculations user interface is running in order to query or modify the processing of the calculation.

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