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Select a calculation

When you create a new document in Tedds, the Select Calculation dialog box automatically appears. To select a calculation in the dialog box, see the following instructions.


The list in the Select Calculation dialog box depends on the locale that Tedds currently uses. Typically, you can view the standard Tedds calculations. Depending on the locale and your previous use of Tedds, you may also have other options available. The other options can be, for example, calculations that use a particular set of units, or calculations that you have downloaded on the Tedds web site.

In order to switch to another locale, see Change the locale.

  1. Click the folder for the type of calculation that you need.

    The folder opens and displays the calculations within it.

  2. Double-click the name of the required calculation.

    Tedds performs the calculation, invoking any data lists, data tables, or other features that the calculation requires.

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