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React to errors

The method with which you should react to errors depends on both the error category and the settings that you have specified for calculations in Tedds options. The following paragraphs cover reacting to different types of errors, which may occur while using Tedds for Word.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Fix variable definition errors

Variable definition errors occur when you try to use a variable that has not been defined, is not one of the standard system variables, or is formatted incorrectly. Tedds for Word only alerts you about variable definition errors if you have selected the Error on undefined variable option in Tedds options.

  1. Do one of the following.
    1. Define the variable by typing the value of an undefined variable, or an expression from which the value can be determined, and the eventual units of the variable.
    2. Use another variable by typing another variable name, or by clicking Tools > Variables and selecting an item from the variable list.
  2. Click Continue to proceed with the calculations.

React to dimensional or non-fatal errors

Dimensional and non-fatal errors occur when Tedds for Word cannot complete the calculation for some reason.

Do one of the following.
  • Ignore the error that has occurred, and click Continue to proceed with the calculations.
  • Click Abort to return to your document leaving it as it was before the calculation commenced, and correct the error.

React to fatal errors

Fatal errors occur when Tedds for Word cannot run correctly due to a system error, which may mean, for example, lack of memory or disk space.

In these situations, the System error dialog appears and informs you about the error that has occurred.

Click Abort and return to your document, leaving it as it was before starting the calculation.
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