Tekla Tedds Integrator 3.0 release notes

Tekla Tedds
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Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
For Version 3.0 of the Tekla Tedds Integrator, geometry data can now be transferred in both directions between Tekla Structures and Tekla Tedds, so as well as transferring data from the Tekla Structures model to the appropriate Tedds calculation, changes made during the calculation can also be transferred back to the model.

Version 3.0 also introduces ‘Update’ commands which allow you to recalculate a Tedds document that has previously been linked to a Tekla Structures model. These commands give you the option to transfer data in both directions (from Tekla Structures to Tedds and back again) or in a single direction of your choosing. The single direction transfer allows you to unidirectionally update your linked Tedds document with any model changes, or import data from a linked Tedds document into your Tekla Structures model.

Tekla Tedds Integrator 3.0 can be downloaded from the Tekla Warehouse.
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