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If you have development feedback or bug reports, you can use the Tekla Discussion forum for this or contact your local support. Tekla Warehouse development updates, limitations, and known issues can also give you more information.

Why do I need the Tekla Warehouse Service plugin?

Tekla Warehouse Service plugin enables users to upload modeling content content directly from a Tekla Structures model and also insert modeling content directly into a model.
It also enables local and network collections for users with restricted online access. You can upload and download files normally using Tekla Warehouse without the plugin.

Read more about Tekla Warehouse Service plugin from Tekla Warehouse website.
Download the Tekla Warehouse Service plugin from Tekla Warehouse website.

I have installed Tekla Warehouse Service plugin and I have the most recent Tekla Structures version but I still have problems, why?

Users may not be able to upload/download content properly to/from Tekla Structures if their browser’s default security settings are limited, which depends on the company IT policy. In this case, Tekla Warehouse (*.tekla.com) needs to be added to the browser’s trusted sites. Instructions: Adding a trusted site for IE browsers

Also some companies have strict VPN settings, which may prevent Tekla Warehouse from working properly.

What is the recommended browser?

Tekla Warehouse works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer version 10 and newer.
Tekla Warehouse does not work with Internet Explorer 9, 8, and older.
Other browsers (e.g. Safari) may work normally as well, but they are not actively supported.

Why do I need a Tekla account?

With Tekla account you can:

  • Download Tekla Maintenance content if your organization has a valid maintenance contract in Tekla account.
  • Represent an organization and publish online content if you belong to an organization that is in Tekla account.
  • Download all public content if you are logged in.
  • Upload personal content if you are logged in.

You can still use Tekla Warehouse to share content without a Tekla account with local and network collections.

Are there any thumbnail recommendations for content?

The recommended image size for Tekla Warehouse thumbnails is 400 x 300 px and the recommended format is .jpg.
Other formats work as well, but .jpg loads faster than .png or .bmp, for example.
When creating thumbnails for Tekla Structures Component catalog, the recommended size is 96 x 96 px and format is .bmp.

Can I get alerts when content is updated?

Our target is to implement "Alert me" feature in August 2015.

Can I share my content privately with other organizations and users?

Yes. Go to the Collection you wish to share, select Editor mode On and then using the Manage access tab you can give view and download access to other users and organization of your content.
You can also use local and network collections to share content privately with other users.

I installed profiles but cannot see them in my catalog, why?

The profile catalog (as well as other catalogs) may sometimes require the catalog to be reopened for the view to refresh. You might also try reopen the model or Tekla Structures.

I disabled the Quality, support, and privacy disclaimer that appears after selecting "Insert into model" but I would like to get it back, how?

Follow these steps to view the disclaimer again:

  1. Close Tekla Structures
  2. Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Tekla\<Tekla Structures version used>
  3. Open settings file (e.g. with Notepad)
  4. Go to line <Entry key="Tekla.Warehouse.Setting.Installation.Disclaimer"><username></Entry> and remove <username> from the line. The line should now look like this: <Entry key="Tekla.Warehouse.Setting.Installation.Disclaimer"></Entry>
  5. Save changes and close the file

The disclaimer should be visible again the next time you use "Insert into model".

I would like to upload my manufacturing products and applications into Tekla Warehouse, how do I get started?

To upload content as an organization in Tekla Warehouse, your organization needs to be added to Tekla account. Please contact your local Tekla office for assistance. For more information who to contact, see http://www.tekla.com/contact.

To upload content into Tekla Warehouse, see Getting started with Tekla Warehouse.

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