Publish content as an organization in Tekla Warehouse

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Publish content as an organization in Tekla Warehouse

Before you can publish content as an organization in Tekla Warehouse, you must take some administrative steps.

You can also follow these steps if you work for multiple organizations. Each Trimble Identity email address can only be associated with one organization. For example, if you work for multiple organizations as a subcontractor, you must use a separate email address for each organization.

  1. Create a Trimble Identity using your company email address, then ask the organization's Tekla Online administrator to invite you to the organization.

    If you work for multiple organizations, create separate email addresses for each organization, then create a Trimble Identity using each email address.

  2. Ask each administrator to add your corresponding Trimble Identity to their organization.
  3. Sign in to Tekla Warehouse using the Trimble Identity that is associated with the organization.
  4. In Tekla Warehouse, create an online collection for the organization.
    • Create the collection as Organization.
    • Set the visibility of the collection to Private or Public.

    You can also use one of the organization's existing online collections.

  5. Add the content that you want publish to the collection.
  6. Depending on the collection visibility, click Create or Publish to publish the content.
  7. If the collection visibility is Private, such as for testing purposes or for other internal use in the organization, change the collection visibility to Public when you are ready to publish the content to all Internet users.
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