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Category in Advanced options dialog box: Single-part views in assembly drawings

Use to set the dimension type for single-part views included in assembly drawings. These are otherwise like straight dimensions set with the advanced option XS_SINGLE_X_DIMENSION_TYPE but they override the straight setting for horizontal dimensions.

  • 0 = Tekla Structures uses straight dimension settings

  • 1 = Relative, point to point dimensions. This is the default value.

  • 2 = Absolute, dimensions from a common start point.

  • 3 = Relative and absolute, a combination of point to point and common start point.

  • 4 = US absolute, dimensions from a common start point, which include a running dimension mark (RD).

  • 16 = US absolute 2, similar to US absolute, but it changes short dimensions to relative.

  • 35 = Absolute plus short relatives, which is similar to Absolute, but it changes short dimensions to relative. Also called internal absolute. This option may show both dimensions, but it does not show relative dimensions when dimensions are long. This option shows the absolute dimensions inside the dimension lines.

  • 99 = Absolute plus all relatives above the absolutes, which is similar to Relative and absolute, but it places the relative dimensions above the absolute.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options database.

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