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Category in Advanced options dialog box: Single-part views in assembly drawings

Use to combine dimensions in single-part views included in assembly drawings. The options correspond to the combining order on the General tab of the Dimensioning Properties dialog box. By default, this advanced option is not set to any value.

  • Option 0 prevents dimensions from being combined.

  • Option 1 combines part position dimensions with part internal dimensions, and bolt group internal dimensions with bolt edge distances. Bolt position dimensions are not combined with bolt internal dimensions.

  • Option 2 combines the part position dimension with part internal dimensions and bolt group internal dimensions. Bolt internal dimensions are combined with bolt position dimensions. Edge distances are shown separately.

  • Option 3 combines bolt internal dimensions and position dimensions in the same dimension line.

  • Option 4 combines bolt group position dimensions with part position dimensions. Part and bolt internal dimensions are not combined with this option, but bolt internal dimensions are combined with bolt edge distances.

  • Option 5 combines internal dimensions and the position dimension of bolt groups where there are several bolt groups.

  • Option 4.5 uses a combination of option 5 for the main part and a combination of option 4 for the secondary parts.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options database.

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