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Category in Advanced options dialog box: CNC

Set this advanced option to TRUE if you do not want to unfold polybeam plates when you create DSTV files. This means that the polybeam plates will be handled as “cut into shape” instead of “bent into shape” regardless of the modeling method. For this advanced option to work, the polybeam plate must lie in XY plane of the material.

If you set this advanced option to FALSE, Tekla Structures writes the unfolded geometry of the polybeam plates to the DSTV files. The default value is FALSE.

In the image below, the polybeam plate on the right lies in XY plane, and setting this advanced option to TRUE works. The polybeam plate on the left does not lie in XY plane and the unfolded geometry is written to the DSTV files even if this advanced option is set to TRUE.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options database.

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