Environment settings for administrators

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Environment settings for administrators

Environment settings include common settings that are the same in all environments, and country-specific or region-specific settings that are localized by your local Trimble office or reseller.

Common environment settings

Note: Do not modify or remove the common settings.

All settings and files that are the same in all environments are located in the \Tekla Structures\<version>\Environments\common folder. Files and settings that are specific to an environment are located in separate environment folders.

The env_global_default.ini file is also located in the \common folder. This file determines the standard settings, and it is the first file that is read. Other initialization files are read after this file, and if the other files contain the same settings, they override the previous settings.

Country-specific environment settings

Country-specific, or region-specific, settings are located in environments folders. The folder structure of the environments can vary, but the same kind of settings exist. For example, the settings that are localized include profile database, material database, reports, selection filters, view filters, components and custom components, macros, user-defined attributes, and drawings settings.

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