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Category in Advanced options dialog box: Templates and symbols

This advanced option points to the location of the Tekla Structures system font (Template Editor font) conversion file template_fonts.cnv. By default the path is %DXK_FONTPATH%\template_fonts.cnv meaning, for example, C:\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\\environments\common\fonts\\template_fonts.cnv. This file is used for mapping Tekla Structures system fonts (fixfont, romsim, romsim8, romco) to Windows fonts in DWG/DXF export.

The syntax: <Template Editor font>= windows font [* width correction factor]

For example: romco = Times New Roman * 0.5

There is another conversion file, dxf_fonts.cnv, that converts the True Type fonts to SHX fonts.

For more information about font conversion, see Font files for customizing Tekla Structures.

This advanced option is system specific and is read from environment files. Generally, there is no need to modify system-specific settings. Do not modify them if you are not an administrator.

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