Print a report

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Print a report

You can print a report from the Reports dialog box or through the File menu.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Drawings & reports tab, click Report, and then click Print.
    • On the File menu, clickPrinting > Print reports.
  2. Use the Browse button to display the Select file dialog box, where you can browse to the desired folder and select the report.

    By default, Tekla Structures uses the Report files (*.xsr) filter to show Tekla Structures *.xsr reports only. To show all file types, change the filter to All files (*.*).

  3. If needed, modify the printing settings:
    • To change the report font and font style, click Select.

      In the displayed dialog box, you can only change the font and font style, the font size is fixed to 12. One way to change the font size is to open the created report in a text editor and change the font size there.

      The default font is Arial, and the default font can be changed with the advanced option XS_PRINT_REPORT_FONT.

    • To set printer-specific options such as paper size and orientation, click Printer setup.
  4. Click Print.
    The report is printed.

Embed fonts in PDf reports

The PDF report options are read from a settings file with the name report.PdfPrintOptions.xml. This allows the embed fonts option to be enabled for languages that require it. This file is not included by default in environments, but some environments might include it. If no such files are present, the default hard coded options are used.

The settings file can be present in any location where PdfPrintOptions.xml files are normally searched for. For more information about printing settings and file locations, see Printing settings files and search order.

To embed fonts, open the report.PdfPrintOptions.xml file in a text editor, for example Microsoft Notepad, and change <EmbedFonts>false</EmbedFonts> to <EmbedFonts>true</EmbedFonts>. Save the file in the environment folder where you found it, or in the current model folder, or in any of the folders defined by the XS_SYSTEM advanced option, for example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<PdfPrintOptions Version="1.3">
    <PrinterName>Microsoft Print to PDF</PrinterName>
    <PlotFilePrefix />
    <PlotFileSuffix />
    <PaperSize>Letter (8 1/2x11)</PaperSize>
      <LineThickness Color="151" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="150" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="0" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="152" Pen="1" />
      <LineThickness Color="153" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="160" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="161" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="162" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="163" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="164" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="165" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="154" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="155" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="156" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="157" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="158" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="159" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="130" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="131" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="132" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="133" Pen="0" />
      <LineThickness Color="9" Pen="1" />
      <LineThickness Color="15" Pen="1" />
      <PlotColor Color="151" PlotColor="000000" />
      <PlotColor Color="150" PlotColor="FEFEFB" />
      <PlotColor Color="0" PlotColor="000000" />
      <PlotColor Color="152" PlotColor="E7E7E7" />
      <PlotColor Color="153" PlotColor="000000" />
      <PlotColor Color="160" PlotColor="FE0000" />
      <PlotColor Color="161" PlotColor="00E700" />
      <PlotColor Color="162" PlotColor="0000FE" />
      <PlotColor Color="163" PlotColor="00FEFE" />
      <PlotColor Color="164" PlotColor="FFFF00" />
      <PlotColor Color="165" PlotColor="FE00FE" />
      <PlotColor Color="154" PlotColor="7F3F3F" />
      <PlotColor Color="155" PlotColor="008000" />
      <PlotColor Color="156" PlotColor="323298" />
      <PlotColor Color="157" PlotColor="007F7F" />
      <PlotColor Color="158" PlotColor="FE6500" />
      <PlotColor Color="159" PlotColor="959595" />
      <PlotColor Color="130" PlotColor="4C4C4C" />
      <PlotColor Color="131" PlotColor="7F7F7F" />
      <PlotColor Color="132" PlotColor="B2B2B2" />
      <PlotColor Color="133" PlotColor="E5E5E5" />
      <PlotColor Color="9" PlotColor="D8D8D8" />
      <PlotColor Color="15" PlotColor="7F7F7F" />
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