Create parts and modify part properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Create parts and modify part properties

In Tekla Structures, the term part refers to the basic building objects that can be modeled and detailed further. Parts are the building blocks of the physical model.

You can create steel parts and concrete parts. A special type of parts are items. Use them to model objects that would be difficult to model using basic Tekla Structures parts and commands, such as cutting.

Create steel parts by using the commands on Steel tab on the ribbon. Create concrete parts by using the commands on the Concrete tab on the ribbon.

Every part has properties that define it, such as material, profile, and location. Also, parts have user-defined attributes (UDAs) that you can use to provide additional information about a part. You can use part properties in view filters and selection filters to, for example, select, modify, and hide parts. You can also include part properties and UDAs in drawing and report templates.

To view and modify the part properties, use the property pane. You can view and modify the properties of a one part type at a time, or the common properties of several, similar part types. If needed, you can copy properties from one part to another part by using the Copy properties button in the property pane.

The basic steel parts are

The basic concrete parts are

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