Show rebar assemblies in drawings

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Show rebar assemblies in drawings

You can create fabrication drawings of rebar assemblies, and show rebar assemblies with various representations. You can define view-specific rebar assembly settings on the Rebar assembly tab in view-level reinforcement properties, and add assembly position in reinforcement marks and associative notes.

You can create a rebar assembly in the model by using the Create rebar assembly command. To create rebar assembly drawings, select the rebar assembly and click the Create fabrication drawing command, which you can find on the ribbon, context menu, and contextual toolbar.

For more information about creating rebar assemblies, see Create a rebar assembly.

For more information about creating the drawings, see Create fabrication drawings.

Adjust rebar assembly visibility and representation

  1. Open the desired rebar assembly drawing.
  2. To open the view-level properties dialog box, double-click the frame of the drawing view that contains a rebar assembly.
  3. To adjust the rebar assembly visibility and representation, in the options tree on the left, select Reinforcement, and go to the Rebar assembly tab.

    The Rebar assembly tab exists in drawing view level reinforcement properties for cast unit, assembly, and general arrangement drawings.

    • Visibility of rebar assemblies: Select Visible or Not visible.
    • Representation:

      Outline shows the rebar assembly and all its sub-assemblies as outline boxes.

      As individual rebar objects shows all rebar objects in the rebar assembly and sub-assemblies.

      Sub-assemblies as outline, highest level as individual rebar objects shows all sub-assemblies as outline boxes and the highest level of the rebar assembly as individual rebar objects.

    • Color, Type: Set the rebar assembly line color and type.
    • Mesh symbol, Mesh symbol size: You can choose to display a mesh symbol for the rebar assembly. Type a number of the symbol in the Mesh symbol box. The mesh symbol appears in the middle of the diagonal line. You can also change the mesh symbol size.

      Symbol 1:

      Symbol 2:

      Symbol 3:

  4. Click Modify.

Add assembly position to reinforcement marks

The Assembly position element is available in reinforcement mark and associative note properties. It gives the position number of the associated rebar assembly.

  1. To open the view-level properties dialog box, in an open rebar assembly drawing, double-click the frame of the drawing view that contains a rebar assembly.
  2. In the options tree on the left, select Reinforcement mark.
  3. To add the assembly position in the mark, in the Available elements list, double-click Assembly position.

  4. Click Modify.

Filter view contents by using assembly template attributes

You can use the assembly template attributes ASSEMBLY.HIERARCHY_LEVEL and ASSEMBLY.ASSEMBLY_POS for filtering the rebar assembly drawing view contents.

To create filters, in drawing view properties, click Filter in the options tree.


  • To show the desired assembly level, select Template as Category, type ASSEMBLY.HIERARCHY_LEVEL as Property, select Equal, and define the desired assembly level as the value.

  • To show several levels, use the ASSEMBLY.HIERARCHY_LEVEL attribute, select Greater or equal and type the number of the lowest level that you want to show as the value.

  • To show or hide the rebar assemblies you do not want to see, use ASSEMBLY.ASSEMBLY_POS, select Equal or Does not equal and type the assembly position number.

  • The following example filter shows the hierarchy level 3 assemblies that have the position number AA/1:

  • You can also create a drawing view filter by selecting Assembly as Category and Position number as Property and then define the assembly position number as the value. With this filter the view shows assembly AA/1 (including all its sub-assemblies).

For details about creating filters, see Create new filters.

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