Issue drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Issue drawings

When a drawing has been released for fabrication, it should be marked as issued in Document manager. The geometry of the issued drawings is updated when the model changes. Issuing only prevents the recreation of the drawing during update.

The issuing information can be used to filter what is shown in the Document manager and in templates.

  1. In Document manager, select the drawings to be issued.
  2. Right-click and select Issue > Issue, or click the Issue button at the top.

    Tekla Structures marks the issued drawings with a flag

    When an issued drawing has been edited or otherwise changed, the color of the flag changes to and the text Issued drawing changed is displayed in Document manager. You can reissue the drawing by right-clicking the drawing and selecting Issue > Issue.

    To unissue a drawing, select the drawing, right-click and select Issue > Unissue, or click the Unissue button at the top.


To show the issue date in a report, add the template field DATE_ISSUE in the appropriate report template.

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