Delete drawings and file documents

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Delete drawings and file documents

If some drawings or other file documents become unnecessary, you can delete them from Document manager.

Note: In some configurations, deleting drawings or other file documents from Document manager is not allowed.
  1. In the Document manager, select the drawings and other file documents you want to delete.
  2. Right-click and select Delete, or click the Delete button at the bottom of the Document manager window.
  3. When Tekla Structures asks you to confirm the deletion, select Yes.

    If you press down Shift while you select Delete, Tekla Structures will not ask you to confirm the deletion of documents.

    If you have selected both drawings and file documents, you get separate confirmation messages for drawings and file documents.

    You can undo the deletion by clicking Undo on the Quick Access Toolbar or pressing Ctrl+Z.

The file document files are deleted from the respective folders immediately. The .dg files are not deleted from the\drawings folder immediately, but after seven days by default. If you want to delete them immediately in the single-user mode, enter Remove unnecessary drawing files in Quick Launch.

The advanced option that controls how often the drawing files will be deleted is XS_DELETE_UNNECESSARY_DG_FILES_SAFETY_PERIOD. The advanced option that controls if the drawing files are deleted automatically is XS_DELETE_UNNECESSARY_DG_FILES.

If you work in the multi-user mode, see Delete unnecessary drawing files in multi-user mode.

Note that in multi-user mode, when drawings are created, they become as duplicates in Document manager. One of them will also be marked issued. If you delete one entry, the duplicate one will also be deleted. This applies to all types of drawings. When you save and reopen the model, the duplicate drawings in the list become single entries again.


If you have deleted some GA drawings, and you want to have the GA drawings renumbered, in modeling mode, enter Renumber all GA drawings in Quick Launch and press Enter. This command renumbers all GA drawings starting from number 1 in the order that they were originally created. Use this command in single-user mode only.

Document manager list before running the Renumber all GA drawings command:

Document manager list after running the Renumber all GA drawings command:

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