Show rebar coupler and end anchor symbols in drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Show rebar coupler and end anchor symbols in drawings

You can show graphical symbols representing the rebar couplers and end anchors in bending schedules and in rebar mark pull-out pictures using the Pullout graphical attribute.

You need a precast concrete or cast-in-place structure model with generated rebar detailing drawings (GA or cast unit drawings), and the reinforcement details need to be modeled by using any of the rebar coupler or rebar end anchor tools available in the Applications & components catalog. The rebar coupler and end anchor symbols work based on rebar UDAs, and these UDAs are controlled by the rebar coupler and rebar end anchor tools.

The symbols are read from the file defined in RebarCoupler.Symbols.dat. By default this file is CouplerSymbols.sym located in ..\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\symbols.

You can adjust the font name, font size, font color, end mark, bending radius visibility, and a number of other bending schedule attributes individually for the Pullout graphical attribute in Template Editor, according to your company or country standards.

Display rebar coupler and end anchor symbols in rebar bending schedules

The PULLOUT attribute shows in pull-out pictures graphical symbols that represent the couplers at the bar ends only if PullOutRepresentation=0 in the rebar_config.inp file.
  1. In a drawing that contains rebar couplers or end anchors shown in a rebar bending schedule, open the bending schedule template in Template Editor by double-clicking a rebar shape in the bending schedule.
  2. Double-click the graphical field containing the bending shape.
  3. In the Graphical Field Properties dialog box, ensure that the PULLOUT attribute is displayed in the Attribute field, and open the Free attributes dialog box.

  4. Select the CouplerSymbols attribute, and enter 1 in the Value field. Adjust other properties as required.

    Rebar coupler symbols will be shown if CouplerSymbols property value is set to 1 and disabled if 0 is entered. The default value is 1.

  5. Save the changes in the template and close Template Editor.
  6. Refresh the template by right-clicking the template in the drawing and selecting Refresh template from the context menu.


You can customize rebar coupler symbols in Symbol Editor by modifying the *.sym file defined in the RebarCoupler.Symbols.dat file. By default, CouplerSymbols.sym is used.

Display rebar coupler and end anchor symbols in rebar mark pull-out pictures

  1. In an open drawing that contains reinforcement with couplers or end anchors, click a rebar mark in which you want add a pull-out picture, and add the Pullout picture element in the mark from the element list. The Pullout picture dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the Couplers/end anchor symbols check box, and set the desired scale, for example, 1.00.

  3. Click OK.

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