Geometry detailing strip

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Geometry detailing strip

Geometry detailing strip allows modeling of wall edge thickenings, recess patterns, wall corbels, mock joints, and facade protrusions. Note that this component is for precast use only.

Geometry detailing strip can be used for adding detailed geometry to any object. You can create different settings for Geometry detailing strip and select the appropriate settings for each situation.

The tool uses irregular concrete profile catalog profiles. If these profiles are not found in your Tekla Structures environment, download them to your model from the Tekla Warehouse local content.

Use for

Sandwich wall thickening

Recess patterns in a wall

Selection order

  1. Select the part face.
  2. Pick two or more points to indicate the location.
  3. Click the middle mouse button to create the geometry strip.

Geometry detailing strip properties



Select the geometry. You can create thickenings, recesses, and protrusions.

Define the A, B, C and D dimensions for the selected option.

Add to cast unit, Attach to part

Select how to add the geometry to the selected part: Attach to part or Add objects to cast unit.

Cut only, Cut and part, Part only

Select how the cut is modeled.

Use main part properties

You can control the properties of the created part. With the Use main part properties option, the added part gets the properties of the main part. Otherwise, you can select the saved standard attributes for the concrete beam.

Note that if you change the saved properties afterwards, you need to modify the geometry detailing strip to get the properties of the added part updated.

Middle. Left, Right

Select a position for the geometry.

Define the strip offset from the input line.

Define the spacing of recesses and protrusions. For example, enter 40*400 to create 40 recesses with a spacing of 400, measured from the center of the recess.

Extend detailing strip

Define whether the detailing strip is extended over the whole part face when the geometry detail strip is created as a single line.

Set to Yes to extend and fit the detail in both directions of the input line to the edge of the appied face.

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