Wind load properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Wind load properties

Use the Wind Load Generator (28) dialog box to view and modify the properties of wind loads.

To select or modify existing wind loads in the model as a group, use the Select components switch .



Wind load direction

The main direction of the wind.

The options are:

  • Global X

  • Global -X

  • Global Y

  • Global -Y

  • Global X, -X, Y, -Y (for all directions)

Nominal wind pressure

The nominal value of wind pressure.

Top level

The highest level of the wind loads.

Bottom level

The lowest level of the wind loads.

Ground level

The level of the ground around the building.

Part names

Parts to which the load is applied, or not applied.

See also Define load-bearing parts by name.


The external exposure factors for the windward, leeward, and side walls.

A positive value indicates pressure, a negative value indicates suction.

Left side


Right side


The internal exposure factor.

Z profile tab

The distribution of wind load along the height of the building, in terms of pressure factors. Starts from the ground level.

Global X, Global Y, Global -X, Global -Y tabs

A tab for each wind direction, where you can define zones for concentrated corner loads on each wall.

Each zone is the height of the wall. Define the width of the zone using either dimensions or proportions. You can define up to five zones for each wall.

Walls are numbered according to the order you pick points to indicate the shape of the building on the bottom level.

To select or modify individual existing wind loads in the model as separate area loads, use the Select objects in components switch and the Area Load Properties dialog box.

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