Check warnings about an analysis model

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Check warnings about an analysis model

If there were problems in creating an analysis model, Tekla Structures shows a warning sign in the Analysis & Design Models dialog box when you select the analysis model.

  1. On the Analysis & design tab, click A&D models.
  2. In the Analysis & Design Models dialog box:
    1. Select an analysis model.
    2. If a warning sign appears, click Display warnings.

      Tekla Structures displays a warning dialog box that lists the problem types that occurred in the analysis model creation. For example:

      The numbers in the parentheses indicate how many instances of the same problem type there are in the analysis model.

  3. In the warning dialog box, click Details to find out more.

    Tekla Structures displays a detailed list of warnings and errors. For example:

    • If you select a row with an object ID, Tekla Structures highlights and selects the corresponding object in the model, such as an analysis part, bar, or node, a load, or a physical part.

      Individual analysis members cannot be selected.

    • If you right-click a row with an object ID, you can access the object’s menu and use commands such as Inquire and Zoom selected.

    • If you select a row with position coordinates, diamond-shaped position locators are displayed in the model to point you to the error.

      For example, when a rigid link would be required to connect analysis parts but the rigid links are disabled in the settings, the locators indicate where the rigid link ends should be:

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