Customize Tekla Structures for users

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Customize Tekla Structures for users

As the Tekla Structures administrator or BIM manager, you can customize Tekla Structures to use your company's standards. Customizing Tekla Structures for the company standards and projects needs allows end user to focus on the design process.

Each new version of Tekla Structures introduces new features and functionalities to improve the overall process used for completing a project. Tekla Structures has multiple environments to suit the needs and requirements of specific markets. Many features are localized in each Tekla Structures version. Most of the changes in versions are focused on making the default saved attributes more consistent, organized, simplified, and practical.

Before you start customizing Tekla Structures to suit the needs of your company and your projects, collect the needed information, such as drawing standards, used profiles, grades and materials, company logos, and naming conventions.

The overall localization of Tekla Structures can be divided into these layers:

  • Tekla Structures environment
  • Company-level settings
  • Project-level settings

With the exception of the Tekla Structures environment, these settings are mainly managed by company administrators.

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