Develop applications using Tekla Open API

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Develop applications using Tekla Open API

You can develop your own applications and additional features for Tekla Structures through the Tekla Open API (application programming interface). The Tekla Open API is implemented using Microsoft .NET technology.

Applications that are developed using the Tekla Open API to work with Tekla Structures are called extensions. To develop your own extensions, you must write program code outside Tekla Structures. Alternatively, you can download extensions created by others from Tekla Warehouse.

With Tekla Open API you can:

  • Record and run user interface actions

    By recording and running user interface actions, you can automate routine tasks, such as creating daily reports.

  • Create automation tools

    You can create automation tools for frequently needed objects. For example, with automation tools you can create basic structures or add typical details to drawings.

  • Integrate Tekla Structures with other software

    You can use the Tekla Open API and .NET to transfer information between Tekla Structures and other software, such as Analysis & Design software.

  • Create new functionality.

For more information about the Tekla Open API and extensions, visit the Tekla Developer Center. Tekla Open API documentation in the Tekla Developer Center includes:

  • API reference

  • Release notes

  • Programming guides

  • Exercises

  • Code examples

  • Best practices

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