Folder structure for Tekla Structures installation

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Folder structure for Tekla Structures installation

By default, the Tekla Structures app and environments are separated into different locations due to the requirements for Windows certification.

The files are installed in the following folders by default:

  • The Tekla Structures app is installed in the ..\Program Files\Tekla Structures\<version>\ folder.

    When Tekla Structures is installed in the Program Files folder, any user can run the app but they cannot make changes to it. Configuration files are installed separately in the hidden Program Data folder. Installation in the Program Files folder requires administrator rights on the computer.

  • Environments and extensions are installed in the hidden ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\ folder.

  • User settings are always installed in the ..\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\ folder for each user, regardless of where the Tekla Structures app is installed. Each user has access to the files in their own user settings.

You can select the installation folder when you install Tekla Structures. You can use the default installation folders or install Tekla Structures in a normal file folder on the computer, such as C:\TeklaStructures.

If you want to prevent users from making changes to the Tekla Structures app, environments, or settings, we recommend that you use the default installation folders.

If users need to easily access all files for Tekla Structures or if it is not possible for users to install Tekla Structures with administrator rights, we recommend that you install Tekla Structures in a normal file folder. When you install Tekla Structures in a normal file folder, all files except for user settings are installed in that folder. Any users who have access to the folder have access to all of the installation, configuration, and environment files.

Hidden files and folders for Tekla Structures

When the Tekla Structures app is installed in the Program Files folder, some of the files needed to run Tekla Structures are located in hidden folders and are not visible.

If needed, you can make the hidden files and folders visible using the Folder Options in Windows.

Files related to the Tekla Structures app

The Tekla Structures app and files such as the following are installed under the ..\Program Files\Tekla Structures\<version>\ folder:

  • contentattributes_global.lst

  • contentattributes_userdefined.lst

    (in the USA environment: contentattributes_customer.lst)

Files related to environments

Environments and files such as the following are installed under the ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\ folder:

  • analysis_design_config.inp

  • contentattributes.lst

  • dimension_marks.sym

  • InquiryTool.config

  • objects.inp

  • objects.inp

  • privileges.inp

  • product_finishes.dat

  • rebar_config.inp

  • TeklaStructures.lin

  • TilePatternCatalog.dtd

  • TilePatternCatalog.xml

The exact file location can vary depending on the folder structure of your environment files.

Files related to user settings

User settings and files such as the following are installed under the ..\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\ folder for each user:

  • user.ini

  • options.bin

  • customized property pane layout PropertyTemplates.xml and PropertyTemplates.Drawing.xml files

  • customized ribbon and customized tab .xml files

  • customized contextual toolbar .xml files

  • customized toolbar .json files

Company folder structure

Using central project and firm folders makes taking backups and upgrading easier. For example, when upgrading to a new Tekla Structures version or updating the company logo, the files only need to be replaced in one place.

If you do not use Tekla Model Sharing, we recommend using project and firm folders on a central file server for storing your models, and the setup files for company-specific and project-specific settings. Tekla Structures reads the settings from the central file server.

If you use Tekla Model Sharing, you can synchronize the project and firm folders through the Trimble Connect cloud service included in your Tekla Structures subscription.

Backing up important Tekla Structures folders

Model folders, and the firm and project folders contain valuable information and work. It is important to take backups of these folders and settings.

If your company has a system for taking automatic scheduled backups, schedule your system to take the backups at night time, outside working hours to prevent any possible conflicts in models.

If you use legacy on-premises licenses, also take a backup of the license entitlements and your active licenses.

Virus protection and Tekla Structures folders

Virus protection software can cause problems in saving models and drawings to the model folder. These problems might occur especially if you have saved your model on a network drive.

We strongly recommend that you add Tekla Structures to the safe list for your antivirus system, and set up your virus protection so that it does not block or scan actions in your model folder.

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