Identical reinforcement

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Identical reinforcement

Tekla Structures treats reinforcing bars as identical, and gives them the same number, if the following properties are the same:

  • Bar geometry

  • Numbering series

  • Size

  • Grade

  • Bending radius

To specify how the geometry of reinforcing bars is taken into account in numbering and which type of bar geometry (modeled, rationalized, or fabrication) is used when bars are compared with each other, use the advanced option XS_REBAR_GEOMETRY_TYPE_IN_NUMBERING.

Class does not affect numbering. Tekla Structures gives the same number to identical reinforcing bars that belong to different classes.

The modeling direction of tapered reinforcing bar groups affects numbering. This means that identical bar groups with different modeling directions receive different numbers.

The bar length rounding, step tapering, and some other rebar set settings affect bar geometry and thus the numbering of rebar set bars. The rounding settings that are defined in the rebar_config.inp file for drawings and reports do not affect numbering.

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