Management of the organization for Tekla Online services

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Management of the organization for Tekla Online services

Each organization has at least one administrator who is responsible for managing the Tekla Online organization (group) used in Tekla Online services.

Several people in your company can be Tekla Online organization administrators. The first user is invited by a Trimble representative, and that person is then responsible for adding other users and administrators as necessary.

As a Tekla Online organization administrator, you:

  • Invite or approve employees to your company's Tekla Online organization to allow them unrestricted access in all Tekla Online services.
  • Add external license users.
  • Select who has access to your company's Tekla Structures subscriptions.
  • Remove people from your company's employee group when they no longer belong to your company.

For more information, see Manage user accounts for Tekla products.

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