Introduction to drawing mode

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Introduction to drawing mode

When you open a drawing, Tekla Structures activates the drawing mode. In the drawing mode:

  • The ribbon, File menu, side pane, selection switches, and snap switches for the modeling mode are replaced by those of the drawing mode. Model views remain on the screen in the background. When you close the drawing, you automatically return to the modeling mode.

  • The contextual toolbar and context menu contain commands and controls that are specific to drawings and drawing objects, and they vary depending on the drawing content that you have selected.

  • Quick Launch contains drawing-specific commands, and you can use it to find commands, dialog boxes, and toolbars. Start typing the name of the command, for example, dimension, and start the command by clicking the name of the dimensioning command in the displayed list.

The following image identifies the locations of the controls in the a drawings window:

(1) The File menu contains commands and basic settings that can be used in the drawing mode.

(2) The ribbon and the tabs mostly contain commands available for drawings only, some commands are common with the modeling mode. When you click a command on the ribbon, the related help opens in the Instructor side pane.

(3) By default, the Quick Access Toolbar contains the Save, Undo, Redo, and Undo history shortcuts icons. You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar according to your needs.

(4) Use the Quick Launch for searching drawing-related commands.

(5) Use the side pane on the right side of the screen to check instructions for the currently active ribbon command, view and modify object properties, open 2D Library, open Drawing content manager, or to find direct access to Tekla Online services.

(6) This is your Tekla Structures drawing.

(7) Use the selection switches to scale down the amount of selectable objects. Click the Selection filter button to create new selection filters.

(8) Use the Snap switches to control which points you can snap to and pick.

(9) The status bar shows you instructions and error messages.

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