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Plate Work

This advanced option is used to artificially manipulate which side of a plate is considered as the 'longest'.

In drawings, this advanced option is also used to control the rotation if right-angled plates. The longest side of polygon plates always faces downwards in drawings, which can affect right-angled plates.

This information can then be used, for example, in changing the rotation of a plate in drawings, or when choosing which side of a plate is to be considered the 'Length' and 'Width'.

This advanced option is used for plates that have two consecutive edges perpendicular to each other. When this advanced option is set to a factor, Tekla Structures multiplies the length of the side next to the right angle by that factor, making it the longest side. In reports, this side will be then considered the 'Length', and the corresponding perpendicular distance the 'Width'.

Tekla Structures still uses and displays the real dimensions of the plate.

In the example above, when you set XS_POLYGON_SQUARE_CORNER_PREFERENCE_FACTOR to 1, all sides are multiplied by 1, and the view restriction box is drawn according to the longest side. The result is Length = 2715.02, and Width = 1173.35.

If you set this advanced option to 10, only square corner edges A and B are multiplied by 10. If the result is larger than the largest side C, the view restriction box is drawn using the sides A and B. The result would be Length = 2353.55, and Width = 1353.55.

The default value for this advanced option is 2.0.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options database.

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