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Tekla Structures


Category in Advanced options dialog box: Numbering

Use to define multinumbers for single parts. Use the following options to define the contents of part marks. Use as many switches as you need, and enclose each one in percent symbols (%).

The available options are:




Multidrawing name.


Position of the single-part drawing inside the multidrawing.


Part prefix in the model.


Part position number in the model.

Template fields

Enter TPL: followed by the name of any relevant template field. Enclose each name in percent symbols (%). For example, %TPL:PROJECT.NUMBER%

User-defined attributes that are defined in the objects.inp file

Enter UDA: followed by the name of any relevant user-defined attribute, exactly as it appears in the objects.inp file. For example, %UDA:MY_INFO_1%

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options database.


To put the part multinumbers in the format part prefix + position on multidrawing + multidrawing name, set the advanced option as follows:


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